Emulations Project: Choose two images and create emulations.

Original: “Eiffel Tower” from “Tourism” series by Laurie Simmons, 1984

Laurie Simmons “Tourism” series ‘explores the ‘impossibility of the original experience'”[1]. This collection shows that no experience is ever truly unique. Anywhere you’ve ever gone, other people have been before you. The dolls she uses are intended to represent the average tourist showing that we’re really all just the same. Her work is intended to represent the idea of the memories of trips taken and not necessarily representational of actual trips the artist herself has experienced.

My Emulation:


My emulation, mostly due to my lack of dolls, is intended to extend that idea beyond the traditional idea of self to show that one day perhaps other beings may have these memories for themselves. Regardless of species the experiences are still not original experiences.

Original: “Some Theory” from “and 22 million very tired and very angry people” series by Carrie Mae Weems

Carrie Mae Weems is known for her work to represent a genuine stand against oppression  The majority of her early work deals specifically with African-American culture and history. The collection this piece comes from, while still representative of African American struggles, cuts through racial boundaries and can be said to equally represent the struggles of  class and inequality for all peoples. This particular piece “Some Theory” to me represents the illiteracy of the underprivileged and their inability to learn from books.

My Emulation:

IMG_2670 (final)

My emulation is intended to stay within the spirit of the original, but rather than to point to illiteracy, it’s intended to evoke the thought “History is written by the victor”. The intention is to indicate that even if you may be able to read it, you may not really learn anything truthful.


Works Cited

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